The Mill House, Gloucestershire

This Grade II listed property and surrounding network of waterways and waterfalls provide an intrinsic sense of peace around this acclaimed and beautifully restored walled garden. Lavenders and Alliums are in abundance along the many walkways. The garden is reminiscent of Provence by the use of crushed local Cotswold stone on the paths. The garden offers much needed shade in the summer with woodland ferns cooling the ground along the waterway. The waterfalls provide a shift in the dynamic and take the garden from serene to a darker woodland. Weeping willows hold firm in the banks and vistas have been opened up to appreciate the house from many areas of the garden. The garden has such a variety of planting with wonderful combinations such as Achillea ‘Credo’ and Echinacea ‘pallida’ – hallmarks from TLG Landscape Design.

Design: Todd Longstaffe Gowan

Photos: Jason Ingram