About us

For nearly 40 years, we have designed and built gardens and spaces that bring landscaping visions to life. We’re driven by detail – be it the planting, structural elements or the materials that we use – it’s what sets us apart


Founded by Andrew Johnstone in 1980, our business has grown into a talented and dedicated team of problem-solvers, plate-spinners and hard-grafters. Every member of our team shares a collective pride in the work that we do and is passionate about delivering spaces that exceed all expectations.


Deep-rooted sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability runs deep. Rooted within our philosophy is a sense that we are restorative in our work – we aim to give more than we take. Wherever we can, we work hard to find new and more environmentally positive methods to deliver projects. For us, and our clients, it’s all about leaving a positive legacy; creating spaces that enable nature to thrive and prosper.

It’s within our culture to collaborate, develop and seek the latest technology and ideas. When coupled together with traditional methods, years of landscaping experience and a deeply entrenched passion for the natural world, we can create outdoor environments that are a force for good.

Greening our supply chain

A business like ours demands much from its supply chain. Our project management team works in close partnership with our suppliers and contractors to challenge the status quo. We don’t accept things at face value; over the years we’ve learnt to spot greenwash and ask bigger, better and deeper questions about the provenance of the materials we use.

We are passionate about this and regularly review what we specify or use on projects. Our goal is to ensure, as far as we can, that we do not unwittingly use, specify or recommend unethical or unfairly sourced products. Of course, things can change quickly, so we’re never complacent. We know this is ongoing work.

Meet the team

Scott Brown
Project Manager
Ed Morgan
Junior Landscape Team Member
Lee Davison
Project Manager
Tess Johnstone
David Smith
Project Manager & Yard Manager
Jake Stevenson
Senior Project Manager
Tom Stevens
Project Manager
Andrew Johnstone
Founding Director
Ben Palmer
Landscape Team Member
Joshua Kay
Seb Clucas
Junior Landscape Team Member
Jacob Kay

Our commercial clients