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We offer a wide range of private and commercial landscaping services as well as planting and lighting schemes and maintenance across the South and South West of England and Southern Wales.

Private Landscaping

Commercial Landscaping

Maintenance Services

How we work with private clients

Private Landscaping is where we started and it’s what we still love doing. We provide a truly holistic service; from the planting of boundaries with hedging and indigenous trees, through to building the infrastructure and hard landscaping and of course the planting and lighting. Every stage in the journey is managed by a dedicated Project Manager, supported by an experienced on-site Team Leader. Throughout the project lifecycle, we aim for open lines of communication and mutually respectful ways of working.

How we work with designers

Johnstone Landscapes works with designers to build gardens and large-scale landscaping projects across the South West. We are active members of and adhere to their guiding principles of what good landscaping and clear communication look like. Our clients are interested in the positive legacy they are creating when building a garden and we thrive on working with designers who celebrate that. We continually collaborate, develop and seek the latest technology coupled with traditional methods to minimise a negative environmental impact and ensure a light a footprint as possible.

We are interested in the environment and promote the biodiversity around us. We strive to provide a healthy working environment for our hard-working team. We also challenge our suppliers and seek provenance on the materials we use. We are passionate about that supply chain and ensure, as far as we can, that we do not contribute unwittingly to unethical or unfairly sourced products. We have, for 28 years, designed and built gardens that show our obsession with detail – be it in the planting, structural elements or the materials that we use. Everything we do supports the realisation of that design and the vision of the client. We use timelines, strive for deadlines and provide thorough check point reports.

How we work with developers

We have a dedicated team working on commercial sites and developments as well as many green/blue infrastructure projects across the South West. The team consists of a Project Manager and knowledgeable team members with access to civil engineers, plant and earthworks expertise. We also enjoy the challenge of one-off projects and ones that require collaboration in order to reach completion. As part of our portfolio we are also set-up to plant large quantities of trees. Ongoing maintenance programmes are also available where needed.

Planting & lighting

Planting that is thoughtfully and expertly designed and considered, brings a garden to life. We’re always happy to work with designers’ or clients’ own ideas, but where help is needed, we have the skills and experience you need. Our team includes passionate plants-people and sensitive, experienced gardeners with an aesthetic eye for shape, function and detail.

Lighting, is often the icing on the cake. We’re highly experienced in transforming the way a space looks and feels with discreet low-energy lighting schemes. We often specify high-quality copper and stainless steel pole or ground lights that are just wonderful for directing light at feature plants.

The client journey

  1. The client journey is extremely important to us. We strive for clear and mutually respectful communication with all our clients.
  2. Once you have decided you would like to explore the possibility of a garden or commercial project and either picked up the phone or emailed us, you can expect to receive a Client Enquiry Form. We ask you to populate this in order that we can ascertain if we might be a good fit for your project. We like to see some photos too.
  3. Once received, we discuss your project and reply within 5 working days if we feel we can undertake your project – be it a design and build or just one of those two elements.
  4. A Project Manager is allocated and will arrange a site visit with you. We will confirm this visit by email. Having fully understood your vision for the project, an estimation of works can be discussed (for a design we require 50% deposit and the remaining 50% before the drawings are released and handed over).
  5. We then cost the agreed drawing and present those costs to you. Once agreed we require a 20% of build deposit with staged payments. You will received regular check point reports to demonstrate exactly what we have achieved.
  6. At the end of the project you will meet with the Project Manager and ‘walk and talk’ the garden before making the final 10% payment.